Getting Started

Creating a New Model

After logging into Modelshop, you will be greeted with a new window labeled Model List for yourusername. To start a new model, click on the Create new model button in the upper lefthand corner.


The Modelshop Interface

Model Structure

The Model Structure pane displays the structure of the model in tree form. Additionally, it is used for creating new and editing existing model elements.


The Main pane is where the bulk of the work in Modelshop is done. It is used for consuming and editing the contents of model elements.


The Detail pane displays information about the fields available in the active model element.


The Console is hidden by default. It can be toggled by clicking the arrow on the bottom of the app window. The Console pane serves two purposes:

  1. The Console tab, gives the ability to use a scripting language to access model data. For more about what you can do in the console, go here and here.
  2. The Messages tab, it will display any errors, warnings or other information being generated from the model.


Model Structure Toolbar